About the collection


Marc and_Dale

This is one of the most extensive and significant private collections of Chihuly’s works and is composed of 35 works from the Chihuly Studio. The collection took almost ten years to assemble starting in the early 1990s and was completed in 2000. The works were purchased from the Chihuly Boathouse in Seattle, Washington which had the largest inventory to review so each work is an exemplar of the different major forms Chihuly created – Maccias,  Baskets, Persians, and Cylinders. The collection includes other unique and less well known designs such as a pair of Pilchuck glass tree stumps, a three piece Maccia, a Wall Installation, an Ikebana and one of a very few Jerusalem Cylinders. The collection is now being sold by the owners who are the collectors and is currently housed in a private residence.



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